Liangzhu II

An Archaic Jade Axe (Yue)

Liangzhu Culture, circa 3300-2250 B.C.


Length 17.8 cm, Width 12 cm

with slightly rounded lateral edges and beveled cutting edge, with a wide circular hole drilled from both sides and close to the upper edge. The mottled opaque stone is of a greenish-yellow tone with brown areas. The surface polished to a high gloss.




Compare the similar mottled jade axe, Christie’s Sale 5889, on 6th November 2012, Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, London, Lot 74.

Compare the similar calcified jade axe, Sotheby’s, on 01 June - 02 June 2017, Chinese Art, Hongkong, Lot 367.

Compare also the similar stone axe (property from the Sam and Myrna Myers Collection), Sotheby’s, on 18 March - 19 March 2014, Fine Chinese Ceramics & Works of  Art, New York, Lot 118.


Appraised by Mr. Bernstein, an internationally recognized specialist dealer in Chinese antiquities.

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'Chinese Jade from the Neolithic to the Qing'

London, 1995.

Section 10, Ceremonial blades