A Large Yongzheng Stag and Deer Plate

雍正  淡描青花 双鹿松竹纹 大盘

Yongzheng period, 1678-1735


Diameter 33 cm


Underglaze blue decoration with a stag and a deer in the landscape surrounded by pine trees and bamboo. Four floral bouquets with grasshoppers and praying mantids circle around the main scene of this plate.

This pattern with deers and pine trees are commonly seen on Chinese porcelain. Pine tree symbolizes longevity and deers represent prosperity.

Decoration completely with pencilled underglaze blue lines is a characteristic technique of Yongzheng and Qianlong porcelain. This kind of technique starts its origin at Wanli period.


Compare the similar plate, TAJAN Paris, Arts d'Asie, 12 Juin 2006, Lot 15

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