A Large Kangxi Export Imari Plate

康熙  伊万里 青花矾红描金大盘

Kangix period, 1662-1722


Diameter 41 cm


Decorated with garden scene in cobalt blue, iron red and gilt. The size is very unusual.


This pattern of flowers are commonly seen on Qing period export pieces. These flowers (peony, chrysanthemum, peach blossom) represent a general wish of abundance in prosperity, as well as in elegance and beauty.


Compare the similar plate, Lempertz Auktion 1080, on 08. December 2016, Asiatische Kunst, Köln, Lot 430.

Also compare the similar plate, Hampel Auktion, on 08. December 2007, Bedeutende Kunstsammlung, München, Lot 1860.



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