A Blue-And-White 'Scholar' Ewer, Mark And Period Of JiaJing

明嘉靖  青花高士图执壶

Ming dynasty, Jiajing period, 1521-1567


Height 11 cm.


Porcelain ewer with teardrop-shaped body. Underglaze blue with teardrop-shaped panel on each side containing scholars and their footboys in a garden. Flower sprays around the sides of panels. Six character Jiajing mark on the base.


Compare the similar ewer, Poly International Auction CO., Ltd, on 07. Dec. 2016, Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art I, Beijing, Lot 6224.


Compare the similar ewer, Beijing ChengXuan Auctions CO., Ltd, on 15. May 2016, Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art, Beijing, Lot 867.

Also compare the similar ewer, British Museum,

Museum number PDF,B.617, Covered ewer with eight boys at play.


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