Shapes of Chinese Ceramics - Copying Metal Wares And Others

The 'garlic-head' vase has its origin in bronze and pottery wares of Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD). Porcelain examples were first made during the Song dynasty.


Archaic bronze vase - Han dynasty (left)


Longquan ware - Yuan dynasty (right)

Gilt silver basin with convex design of a pair of fish - Song dynasty (left)


Longquan ware - Song dynasty (right)

Bronze ritual wine vessel (Gu) - Shang dynasty (left)


Famille noire beaker vase - Kangxi period, Qing dynasty (right)

Vases for tools at incense ceremony. Both of them were made during the Song dynasty. Left one made of bronze and right one Longquan ware.

Silver flat ewer with a pheonix-head spout - Yuan dynasty (left)


Blue-and-white flat ewer with a phoenix-head spout, produced in the Yuan dynasty (1206-1368). It shows the influence of the nomadic peoples of North China. (right)

Blue and white ewer from Xuande period following a Sassanian metal prototype.